Concern staff and concern health at Jul 2014

2015-04-15 09:47:00

Enhance health protection of company staff and all staff can realise their health situation, company arranged a free annual body check at 12 July 2014.

According to the company growth, company also pay attention to staff welfare, living condition, health level and organize many kinds of cultural, entertainment and health activities. Body check is a fixed activity in every year.

Company take very serious in occupational safety & health and protect staff’s safety and health according to the law. HR. Department is well organized in details for every step of body check. Beside the normal process of body check, company offer some practical and specific content for body check in this year, such as liver function test for older employee.

According to the body check report, company will analysis the record and prepare an employee health file for all staff.

All staff are really appreciated this body check activity and carry out company aim to concern staff. All staff can feel warm as a family in this company and strengthen the company sense of cohesion.